The workstation management system in FairOrg helps you to define the structural and content-related requirements of your exhibition areas (demonstration points and/or workstations) yourself and provide this information to everyone concerned. This enables easy and complete communication of the logistics and strategic measures within your Marketing and Trade Fair Department.

This lays the foundation for needs-oriented linking of all relevant exhibition areas to your trade fair booth and thus considerable simplification of your workflows while taking into account the partner companies and suppliers involved.

  • Management and structural definition of your workstations: specifications regarding general framework (capacity, deadlines, other criteria as well as formulation of special requests with respect to audiovisual equipment, special hardware for demonstration purposes, furniture accessories, Internet and power connections taking into account internal restrictions as well as those relevant for the venue
  • Integrated search function for workstations for rapid recording of data changes
  • Provision of a bulletin board for communication of important aspects (order deadlines, organizational procedures, etc.) to your staff
  • Definition of display texts to identify the product and service topics presented at your demonstration point (logo, business value statement, product names, benefits, etc.) with automatic creation of appropriate exportable PDF workstation graphics for simulation and release purposes
  • Assignment of sponsoring levels and exhibitor rights for managing the workstations of your partner companies wishing to present themselves
  • Assignment of responsible booth staff and corresponding identification (booth number, etc.) for each workstation, ensuring clear and easy management of responsibilities as well as use of other systems in FairOrg (CRM, booth staff management, etc.)
  • Assignment of marketing codes and performance indicators for each workstation and/or products, services, topics or divisions presented at the workstation to ensure needs-oriented connection to your CRM system