Appointment management for your responsible staff

Daily routine at the event is made up of numerous appointments that your staff has to keep as the responsible personnel at your event. Customer talks, press conferences as well as internal meetings about current developments and problems are only some of the reasons for arranging meetings at events.

To make sure there are no overlaps and no ones misses any appointments, efficient appointment coordination is necessary on site. In addition, the staff at the counter has to be able to provide information on upcoming appointments and activities and the respective contact persons at all times.

Another thing you have to keep in mind is the need for meeting rooms since they are generally difficult to organize because of the circumstances at an event.

The appointment management system in FairOrg is a reliable and comprehensive coordination tool for your meetings. You can enter all relevant data before and during the event and process them at any time.

  • Easy management of all relevant meeting venues regarding assignment of use times, identification aspects (room names, table numbers, etc.), capacity, technical equipment (video projectors, laser pointers, flipcharts, etc.), topics of discussion, people taking part and hosts before and during the event
  • Invitation of your staff members as meeting participants in the system with automatic communication of assigned dates by e-mail or optionally via text message (mobile services)
  • Finding rooms meeting your schedule requirements criteria quickly via an integrated search function
  • Avoiding appointment overlaps by means of automated check of whether people taking part have already been allocated to other meetings or appointments
  • Rapidly identifying what rooms are occupied at what times by what meetings and with which participants on the basis of daily and general overviews
  • By means of the connection to the information counter module, smooth and targeted checking of whether and when certain persons are at an appointment