Human resources

The human resources management system in FairOrg contains all data on your staff at the event that are relevant for the trade fair. They include mobile phone numbers, department, specialized competence and language skills as well as times of availability. Prior to the fair these data are recorded for each individual staff member and stored in the system for future events:

  • Importing existing data records into the system prior to the fair
  • Generating individual access data and rights for different user groups taking into account their functions, with the option of individual updating of the personal information
  • On-site registration of staff members not recorded to date
  • Automatic sending of access data to respective users via e-mail
  • Data update and comparison, along with online management
  • Easy data export

These master personnel data are provided for badge printing, use of information counter module, attendance and absence data acquisition as well as accommodation and travel management on the part of your staff. Easy processing of this information in FairOrg enables you to meet the individual requirements of your visitors quickly and correctly.


Badge printing

Name tags have the purpose of identifying your staff to visitors as representatives of the company. By providing badges with barcodes or RFID technology, they can be used in combination with an appropriate reader for clear identification and authorization of the booth staff in the system. To ensure that the badges are available when they are needed, they are usually printed after entering the master data of your staff in FairOrg prior to the event. Provision of a suitable badge printer on site enables you to take into account any latecomers.


Information counter

The information counter plays a major role at the trade fair booth. It serves as the initial place of contact for arriving visitors and staff. At the same time it is frequently used as a meeting point before customer talks and other appointments or events. Thus, the information counter can be compared to a central gathering place where a large number of people formulate inquiries on diverse topics at short intervals.

Our specially developed module for this scenario offers you the following added value, taking into account all data stored in FairOrg:

  • Competent and rapid response to questions asked by visitors and staff within the shortest possible time by means of an integrated keyword search regarding responsibilities, availability and names of your staff members
  • Direct contact to desired members of the staff at a click of the mouse: calling telephone numbers (“Click-to-Call“ with connected VoIP telephone system), sending text messages (mobile services) and leaving messages in the system


Attendance and absence data acquisition

To be able to provide your customers and interested parties with the right contact person straight away, it is of enormous importance to know whether the respective staff member is currently present at the booth.

We offer you different variants for recording information on respective availabilities in the personnel management module:

  • Installation of terminals at which your staff members check in and out at the booth and can enter information on their absence times
  • Checking personnel in and out at the information counter by means of suitable badge readers


Accommodation and travel management

Within the framework of successful trade fair preparation it is also necessary to take into account appropriate accommodation for your staff as well as individual travel planning.

The module for accommodation and travel planning offers efficient support in all planning steps required in this connection.

  • Easy addition of allotments regarding hotel rooms, private accommodation and travel options with person-specific allocation
  • Monitoring of overbookings and underbookings, deadlines, expiration dates and methods of payment
  • Taking into account individual staff needs (same accommodations as in previous year, travel via train or plane, etc.)
  • Person-specific allocation of accommodation allotments
  • Integrated billing (via credit card, invoice, automatic debit transfer, etc.)
  • Self-booking or allotment management in cooperation with other service providers (travel agencies, hotels, etc.)
  • Individual travel planning with outline of information regarding place, time and other arrangements
  • Transfer planning/shuttle service: optimal tour planning taking into account arrival or departure times
  • Automatic confirmation process via e-mail