Efficient reporting.

Nothing is more important than determining how successful your event actually was. This is the only way you can develop key recommendations for action and impetus for the future, such as with respect to satisfying customer needs, changing marketing strategies or improving organizational procedures. Moreover, it is useful to find out afterwards whether the high investments made in organization and implementation of the event were worthwhile.

With our services and FairOrg you have effective tools for measuring the success of your event and answering the following questions:

  • How many and which participants took part in the individual items on your event agenda in what periods of time?
  • Who was able to obtain what certificates and qualifications at relevant workshops?
  • What feedback do you receive from participants with regard to specific lectures, workshops, training courses, customer talks and other topics at your event?
  • How satisfied are your invited guests regarding the external presentation of your company as well as the organization and service at your event?
  • Benchmarking: How have you fared in comparison to the previous year?

Preparation and evaluation of event-specific online feedback sheets for different target groups and sending individual e-mails with the respective access data form the basis for this. In addition, an intelligent search function in the participant overview with various filter options guarantees speedy and precise depiction of the desired interrelationships. The latter can be visualized by means of illustrative bar and pie charts and exported into other systems without any problem by creating corresponding Excel, PDF or ASCII files. You can carry out all evaluations in real time very conveniently even during your event. This enables you to respond to changes and trace the development of your event at any time.

Would you like more? No problem.
You wish to hold an event similar to a trade fair and need a useful, comprehensive and viable tool for sales controlling that you can use to qualify established customer contacts as the basis for a monetary performance review? You also want your customers to be provided with appropriate information material according to the interest expressed (products and services) immediately?

By using our proven lead management System in FairOrg, this is no problem.