Infrastructure and hardware

A prerequisite for application and complete functional reliability of FairOrg is provision of comprehensive and individually customized infrastructure. The main element is a guarantee for the technical framework. On the one hand, this encompasses our own computer center with maximum security standards to provide the web-based system and respective data. On the other hand, linking a large number of different high-quality technological hardware components to the system at the trade fair plays a key role for smooth implementation and use of FairOrg.

We offer you technologies tailored to your needs and make them available to you at your event on a loan basis.

  • Professional 19” server rack or mobile server with connection to router and firewall for optimal performance as well as reliable and speedy data transfer
  • VoIP telephone system for communication with your staff directly from the system (“click-to-call”, fax connection possible)
  • Printer as service support for the information counter
  • Badge printer for printing badges with RFID chips or barcodes
  • RFID or barcode readers for recording personal details of customers and staff
  • Terminals with touchscreens so your staff can log in and out at the fair booth
  • CD burners or USB flash drives to create individual data carriers for the customer with information material regarding the products and services for which there is demand
  • Various notebooks and desktop PCs (as lead data acquisition stations and to ensure functional reliability of badge printers, CD burners, touchscreens as well as RFID and barcode readers)


Individually tailored networks for independence, flexibility and permanent functional reliability

An IT network tailored to the requirements of the hardware used is a necessary precondition to make sure you can take full advantage of FairOrg’s potential.

A particularly important factor here is isolation of the system from malfunctions in the internet line so as to ensure permanent functional reliability of FairOrg. At the same time the data generated at the fair also have to be accessible to your staff members who are not on site at the event via an external server. For this reason and based on our many years of experience, we recommend that you coordinate implementation of the network with us.