To be able to minimize, map correctly and also optimize the complexity of the individual, interlinked organizational and communication processes of your event with Fair Org, you need professional support and consulting before, during and after the event.

More than just system integration.
Take advantage of the consulting competence of our staff based on many years of experience in implementing best practice processes and exploit the potential of state-of-the-art information management. Indeed, we not only implement systems, but also pass on problem-solving competence and offer the matching service at all times.

Working as partners for long-term success.
Trust and action based on partnership are top priority for us. We feel just as responsible for your project success as you do. That is why we incorporate you into the development right from the beginning and furnish you with know-how gained from successful implementation of numerous projects on a long-term basis.



We provide you with the following services as preparatory measures for the event:

Consulting and configuration of FairOrg according to your event requirements

  • Integration of travel and accommodation allotments, personal details on participants, business segments, products and services as well as other event-specific information into the system
  • Individual consulting and adaptation of the system in order to give optimal consideration to your relevant business requirements and organizational processes (sales channels, customer categorization, interfaces to CRM systems, communication management, etc.)
  • Adaptation of system user interface to your corporate design
  • Configuration of hardware to be used according to defined boundary conditions (server and client configuration, etc.)

Designing the infrastructure at your event

  • Coordinating wiring of power and internet lines with the responsible project manager and booth electrician, taking into account the hardware components to be used
  • Integration and implementation of the relevant technical equipment with corresponding lead time (system and hardware tests, etc.)

Instructing the staff

  • Providing your staff with a needs-oriented and practice-geared introduction to FairOrg (for instance, at pre-show meetings or via online conference) so as to ensure rapid implementation and competent handling


On-site support

During the event our team provides you with on-site consulting support:

  • Individual training and solution talks to answer application questions regarding all modules
  • Support in tackling general technical and strategic challenges



After the event we help you perform the following tasks:

  • Following up the customer contacts generated at your event
  • Efficiency review: interpretation of the results as part of the evaluation of your event
  • Performance vs. target analyses and change management