Lead management

As a marketing event, the focus of your trade fair presentation is on convincing potential customers of the added value of your products and services, analyzing their needs and being able to generate new sales on that basis. Direct contact to interested parties and customers plays a key role in creating new purchase impetus.

At the same time it is essential to document and evaluate the information gained from talks with visitors for downstream processes, such as following up at the respective Sales or Marketing Department. To be able to serve potential customers quickly with a high level of service quality both during and after the trade fair as well as to generate sales, the required data have to be available immediately in analyzable form. This forms the basis for an extensive and qualitative efficiency review of your trade fair presentation.

The lead data acquisition system in FairOrg offers a comprehensive and efficient approach for recording data on leads with a minimum of time and effort and at the same time maximum information quality on electronic lead sheets. All data can be transferred automatically to downstream processes in processed and analyzable form.

Learn more about lead data acquisition and lead data classification with FairOrg and find out how easy it is to optimize processes and manage data records.


Quick and easy acquisition of personal data

  • Electronic acquisition of personal visitor data right in the system at strategically located lead data acquisition stations via notebooks provided for this purpose
  • Maximum time savings based on automatic acquisition of the information by using business card scanners and barcode or RFID readers (web service for reading in personal details stored on name tags or tickets)
  • Call up existing contact details from your CRM system (e.g. for talks with existing clientele, etc.)


In-depth classification of your customer demand

  • Precise allocation of contacts to topics, products or services in demand
  • Automatic and immediate provision of appropriate information material for potential customers: sending literature by post or e-mail or transferring information to USB flash drives or creating individualized CDs on site
  • Detailed classification of your leads, such as according to corporate responsibility, scope of authority, type of customer, sector and degree of specific interest in your products and services (lead quality), to determine priorities for follow-up (basis of evaluation for downstream sell cycle processes)


Optimizing downstream sales processes

  • Integrating processes for lead validation and reviews for preselection according to selected criteria
  • Easy to pass on recorded leads to responsible sales staff with integrated communication channel and automatic generation of accounts (sending access data via e-mail)
  • Checking processing status of individual leads with integrated reminder function for responsible sales staff members
  • Extensive query capability on the basis of all recorded data for easy presentation of complex interrelationships at time-related, qualitative and quantitative level (statistics and reports on focal points of customer interest, demand for selected products, generated leads per day, number of unprocessed leads, services of individual departments of your company, etc.)
  • Easy creation of PDF and Excel files of all customer data for smooth export to your CRM databases and other contact management programs


Flexibility for higher data quality

  • Customizing your digital lead sheets
  • Separation between optional and compulsory entry fields to increase data quality of lead data acquisition
  • Usability thanks to clearly structured menu-driven operation with integrated help function
  • Changes and additions to data on customers or interested parties possible at any time after data acquisition
  • Easy search function to call up desired leads
  • Integrated user management: assignment of access with different user rights (acquisition and processing of leads you have recorded yourself, review, overall evaluations, calling up allocated leads, etc.) and clearly assigned workstations or topics through link to personnel and workstation management system